October 24, 2008

Leek and Potato Soup

This recipe is very simple, easy, and yummy.

-4 small leeks, or 3 large leeks
-2 T butter
-4 cups veg. stock
-3 lbs potatoes, chopped (I used red, but yukon should work too)

1. Wash leeks very thoroughly to remove all the grit, and cut into thin rings.
2. Cook leeks in butter until soft. Do not brown! (Browning the leeks will adversely affect the flavor)
3. Add broth and potatoes. Cook for 20 mins, or until potatoes are completely soft.
4. In a blender, purée half of the soup mixture.
5. Add puréed soup to pot and reheat.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

That sounds really easy and yummy! I've actually never cooked with leeks, but I've wanted to, and it sounds like something both Jordan and I would love, so I'll try it sometime!